4 Places to Store Your Holiday Decorations

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4 Places to Store Your Holiday Decorations

22 December 2015
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When the holidays are over, it is time to start storing your decorations, but this can be tricky when you're running out of room at home. There may be some areas of your home you hadn't considered using for storage due to lack of space, while other options are outside of the home. Here are some places to store holiday decorations, including some details about what makes it each option a good choice.


The first place you can store holiday decorations is in your own attic. If you don't get much use out of your attic, now is the time. The tricky thing here is knowing what items are good to store. It is not recommended that you store an artificial tree in the attic since it is heavy and difficult to get up the attic stairs, not to mention that it might entice some unwanted pests. However, the attic is a great place for storing boxes of ornaments, Christmas lights, and other décor items. Consider placing items in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes to keep out spiders and mice.


The garage is another home storage option. If you don't store holiday decorations in your garage due to lack of space, consider using the rafters if you have them. While it does take a little more effort climbing up a ladder to stow away the boxes, tree and lights, this can be a convenient option. You are able to keep the holiday decorations at home but out of the way from other belonging sin the garage. Just make sure the rafters are strong enough to support the weight.

Storage Shed

If neither of these are an option for you, consider storing the holiday decorations in your backyard. You can do this with the help of a storage shed. Sheds come in many different sizes and materials, so you are sure to find one that works for you. You can find a smaller shed that fits at the end of your patio for storing holiday decorations, or a larger one for the yard if you also want to store other things in it. Some storage sheds already come with shelving units for better storage potential. Some of them are also very affordable.

Self-Storage Unit

While it may not seem like a good option since storage units are off-site, this is sometimes the best choice. You can rent a small storage unit at a nearby facility to store the holiday decorations you only need once a year. Storage sheds that are smaller sizes are often very affordable, plus you might have extra room in case you have some other items to store. This allows you to free up more storage space at home for things you need to access more often.

These are all great options for storing your Christmas decorations so you can be sure they'll be in good enough shape to use again next year. 

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