Placing Your Motorcycle in Storage: 5 Top Tips

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Placing Your Motorcycle in Storage: 5 Top Tips

11 July 2017
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If you are planning to put your motorcycle into storage, it is important that you take the following steps to ensure that it is in top condition when you take it out and ride it again.

Wash your bike

Before putting your bike into storage, you should wash it down using warm water and detergent. Doing so will help to remove any dirt, grime, grease and road salt from the surface of the machine. If you place your motorcycle into storage when it is dirty, the dirt, grease, and salt may begin to cause corrosion to the bodywork.

Fill up your gas tank

Filling up your gas tank before you put your bike into storage may seem like a strange idea. However, a full gas tank will prevent the air in the tank from reacting with the inside of your fuel tank and causing rust. You should also add a fuel stabiliser to your gas tank, as this will help to keep the fuel fresh while your bike is in storage.

Top up the coolant system with anti-freeze

If you are placing your bike into a storage unit which does not have climate control, you should be aware that during the colder months, the temperature in the unit could fall close to freezing. To prevent damage to the coolant system caused by freezing water, you should add anti-freeze before you place your bike in storage. Different bikes require different ratios of antifreeze and coolant, so you should consult your owners manual for further details on how to perform this task.

Plug the exhaust pipe

Once your bike is in the storage unit, you should plug the exhaust pipe by pushing a cloth or rag into it. Doing so will prevent any creepy crawlies or small animals from making a home inside the exhaust system of your machine. You should never plug an exhaust system using a plastic bag as this will cause condensation to become trapped which could result in rusting and corrosion.

Remove the battery

You should remove the battery from your bike and connect it to a trickle charger at home. Doing so will make sure your battery stays healthy and is ready for action the next time you want to ride. If you leave a battery attached to your machine, it will quickly drain and could lose its ability to hold a charge.

If you would like further information about storing your motorcycle, you should contact a storage company today.

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